Deep East Music

WLS has been working with Deep East Music since 2010 when the studio was a shed at the end of a garden. A lot has changed since then but the quality of material has remained. DEM continues to lead the industry with its credibility while their 'Zest' sub-imprint offers a more accessible catalogue.

Audio Network

Audio Network are emerging as a powerhouse in the music production industry. Our relationship started in 2014 when we pitched an idea for a modern folk album. As the creative process got underway it was clear that we were making two albums. With the modern 'commercial' folk album completed, work is underway on a more cinematic look at the genre. 

Extreme Music

Extreme Music are one of the industry leaders in production music. Our relationship with them began in 2013 when we submitted four tracks to their popular 'Indie Mixtape' series. Since then we have contributed to a number of projects of all different styles including Post-Rock, Punk and Psych.

Twisted Jukebox

Twisted Jukebox offer the ultimate cool factor in music production. Their model of being passionate about offering authentic credible compositions identically matches that of WLS. The relationship began in 2014 when we submitted two tracks to their 'Smile' Indie album. We have since featured on the 'Alterna' electronic pop album and a modern bluegrass album with another project underway.