Ocean Flaws

The Shermans have established the ideal creative relationship with WLS since they came into the studio in 2014 to record 2 tracks. Part of a new EP to be released towards the end of the year has been completed and the rest is currently underway.

Silent Natives

Silent Natives are perhaps one of the most gifted bands to come in to the studio. They were here in 2015 to record their debut four track EP due to be released later in the year. Such is the expectation for the music all we can show at this time is some taster videos one being a time-lapse of day one in the studio.

India Graye

India Graye is a solo artist who came in to WLS for the first time in 2014 looking to get that band sound. With her well crafted songwriting and the resources available to her at the studio there's always a fantastic song about to be recorded when ever she comes in.